Lacy Phacelia

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Phacelia is a very attractive plant, blooms June - September.  Rich in nectar and pollen, it is a honeybee favorite!  

Reviews (2)

fascinating flowers

Written by Rebecca on 28th Mar 2020

These were so neat!. The flowerheads unfurl a bit like a fern and the color is beautiful. Bees went crazy for them. I grew these in a pot with a pepper plant (always out of planting space), and the phacelia won. This year, they get their own planter.

Beautiful, unique flower heads

Written by JBaerlein on 17th Feb 2017

This was a new addition to our garden last year. Some varieties look a bit weedy so I've avoided this in the past. These striking flowers with gorgeous curled under fronds bloomed true to the photo with deep purple color. Some of the plants were cut and the blooms added interest in bouquets, but no one receiving these mentioned how long they lasted. The plants themselves were good for a cutting garden. We sowed the seed straight in the ground. The germination rate was lower than expected, but I wonder if it would have been improved by soaking or scoring the seeds before planting. All in all I'd recommend giving it a try, the flowers are amazing.