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The German chamomile is a species of chamomile that is very aromatic; it also has a slightly bitter taste which is reminiscent of the taste of apples. The herb is also very well known to the majority of herbal tea drinkers around the world as it is a common prescription. What is less well known, are the various medicinal uses to which the herb can be put to in the treatment of different disorders and conditions. Many types of digestive disorders can be treated using the German chamomile; this herb is also excellent as an herbal remedy in the treatment of various nervous tensions and conditions of irritability or stress. Topical use of the German chamomile involves its use as a cream in the treatment of sore skin and disorders such as eczema. German chamomile is similar to the Roman chamomile, a close herbal relative, which is also used to treat many of the same disorders and conditions which can be treated using the German chamomile.

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