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Stupice Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)This is an extremely early-bearing red salad tomato with exceptional taste that does well even in cool, short season climates. Bred in Czechoslovakia, this dependable, prolific variety has dense, potato-like foliage on dwarf, indeterminate vines. Staking is optional.

Days to Harvest: 65




Reviews (1)

Perfect drying size, hardy plants

Written by undefined on 20th Sep 2015

I was not good to my tomato plants this year and these suffered neglect in water or pruning as well as not being staked up off the ground like they probably should be. I probably didn't start them early enough either. Despite all that they eventually bloomed like crazy and responded to some late pruning with nice small tomatoes. Despite their late fruiting the tomatoes are still ripening and the plants show no suffering from the cooler fall weather or the rainy conditions. This is my first attempt with tomatoes and I am impressed that they have survived my neglect so well. I chose this variety for the size because I prefer to dry most of my tomatoes; we are not big tomato eaters in our family. Would recommend these to anyone who is trying to grow tomatoes for the first time or is looking for a nice small size for salads, drying, etc.

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