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This Oregon State University pea is one of the most popular snow peas. Oregon Giant is distinguished for its sweet rich green fat wide 5" pods good for stir fries, steaming, and eating out of hand. It retains sweetness so it may be picked a little plumper than the thin-podded varieties. We recommend staking the intermediate 3-4' vines.  Resistant to PEMV, PM and F1.

68 days. Vines grow 28 in. high, bearing lots of double pods at the top of the plant for easiest picking. Plump, 4-in. pods hold 9-11 sweet peas each.

Sow seed in spring as soon as you can work the soil - as early as late March or early April depending on how quickly the soil warms and dries. Peas planted in cold soil (40 F) are slow to germinate. Later plantings made when the soil is warmer (60 F or more) often catch up quickly with earlier plantings. Use raised beds if your soil is slow to drain.

Make additional plantings through early- to mid- May, or plant varieties with different maturity dates to increase the harvest period.

Plant seeds 1 to 2 inches deep, 1 to 4 inches apart in rows 18 inches apart. Or sow about 1 inch apart in a 3-inch-wide band (about 25 seeds per foot).   Shallow planting is best when soils are cool and wet. Plant deeper if soil is dry. A quick way to seed is to make a furrow or trench with a hoe, place seed in the furrow, cover and firm. Do not thin.

Erect trellis for tall-growing, vining types at planting using chicken wire, brush or other suitable trellis material. If trellising, increase row spacing to 4 to 6 feet.

Keep soil moist, but avoid heavy watering during flowering, which can interfere with pollination.

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