Chervil - Fine Curled

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Also called French Parsley, an aromatic herb which is one of the earliest herbs to grow in the Spring.  One of the "Fines Herbes" used in French cooking.

A subtle, tender flavor which seems part anise, part parsley.  Chervil is a member of the Carrot family and its leaves highly resemble carrot tops. The young green leaves, which smell similar to Anise, are collected before they lose their pungency and often preserved in vinegar.

Chervil goes to seed quickly in the heat, and in fact, unlike most other culinary herbs, prefers a cool, moist and shaded location. To promote growth and a longer season, pinch off the tops. Successive plantings will help to give you a longer harvest. Chervil also has a very long tap root, and does not like to be transplanted so be sure to sow the seeds in the desired location. Chervil is one of those herbs that does well growing in containers. As the plant matures, the leaves tend to turn a purple, bronze color. At this stage they also lose the pungency of their taste, so use only the young green leaves. (Source: The Epicentre)

Anthriscus Cerefolium 

Seeds require light to germinate.  Germination time 10-14 days.

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