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Surrey Arugula is a cross between astro arugula and wild arugula, taking the best from both and offering a quick growing plant that reduces risk of disease. This variety of arugula is easily recognized by its jagged deep lobed leaves and strong peppery and mustard taste. It is similar in appearance and flavor to its parent plant, wild arugula, yet it grows more upright with heavily serrated leaves. Due to Surrey's fast growth, the risk of Downey Mildew is diminished.

The leaves of Arugula are usually eaten raw but they can also be cooked like spinach or used as a topping. Like most salad greens, Arugula is very low in calories and is high in vitamins A and C.

Arugula is best grown in cool, moist conditions especially during the fall and spring months. In hot weather, it may flower, but don't worry, the flowers are also edible and have a great taste.

Arugula needs a lot of water and well drained soil. If the leaves are clipped from the outside of the plant it will keep growing and will produce 3-5 cuttings per year.

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