Arugula - Roquette OG

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Also known as Roquette, Rocket

This fast-growing cool-season salad green - often ready to harvest as early as 4 weeks after seeding - adds a tangy, peppery or mustard-like flavor to salads and mesclun mixes.

Seeds germinate quickly even in cold soil. Plant as soon as soil can be worked in spring.  Avoid planting after other cabbage family crops.

Plant ¼ inch deep and 1 inch apart in rows, or broadcast alone or mixed with other greens. Gradually thin to 6-inch spacings using thinnings for salads.  Make new plantings every 2 to 3 weeks for a continuous supply until about a month before your average first frost date.

Slow bolting by reducing heat and moisture stress. Provide some shade for warm-season plantings.

Reviews (1)

Sprouted in 48 hours!

Written by Georgetown Jesse on 23rd Aug 2012

Scattered this seed over a prepared bed and sprinkled a little compost on top on Sunday afternoon. Misted it with the hose. Tuesday morning there we tons of little sprouts. The lettuce seed I got from SeattleSeed that I planted the same day (though I put it in a little deeper than recommended by accident) sprouted the next day, Wednesday. This is some vibrant healthy seed! High germination.

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