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*Also available as part of our Too Mucha Tomato™ organic seed collection!*

Indigo Rose is one of the darkest tomatoes bred so far and is exceptionally high in anthocyanins (which is an important antioxidant). In the early stages of fruit development, Indigo Rose develops a dark purple pigment on the parts of the skin exposed to direct sunlight. 

This tomato is green when unripe, purple-red when ripe.  It is a smaller fruit measuring about 1-2 oz, with an excellent flavor with slight 'plum-like' overtones. Developed by Jim Myers at Oregon State University using traditional plant breeding techniques.

Compact indeterminate. Organically grown.

Reviews (1)

Delicious fruit, but NOT a strong, hardy plant.

Written by undefined on 11th Jul 2016

I had much the same luck with these as with the Artisan Blush - delicious fruit, but the plants are not strong, or hardy. I grow several different varieties of tomato from seed every season, all my seeds from SSC, and this variety was disappointing. Last year I got a few fruits - and what I got was unique (dark on the outside light on the inside) and tasty, but I barely had any plants survive and what few did survive did not flourish...despite being grown in both the ground (raised beds) and in pots with the same soil as my other varieties who were putting out so many fruits I could hardly keep up and whose plants looked monstrous.

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