Custom Seed Packets




Add something special and unique to your wedding or event by customizing seed packets with your names or logo, and send your guests home with something to remember you by.  We can do personalized seed packets for weddings, memorial services, baby showers, corporate events, you name it!


What makes us different?

There are other places to get custom-printed seed packets, but watch out for these things:

-Extra artwork and setup charges
-Limited seed choices
-Unattractive packets and templates
-Large minimum orders or shipping costs


We offer complimentary design help, 100% Organic, non-GMO seeds in many varieties, a modern, sustainable design, and very low minimums.  ALL custom orders ship for free.

You have the option to choose either standard printing, or LETTERPRESS printing for that extra special event.  We are the only seed company to offer custom in-house letterpressed seed packets on 100% recycled paper with 100% organic seeds.  You can feel the difference!

Our quotes are all-inclusive (no surprise fees), and all orders ship free of charge to anywhere in the United States.